Loss-of-Income Insurance

& occupational disability insurance

Loss of Income

... or also know as Disability-Income insurance

Has is ever crossed your mind what the consequences would be if you lost your job or even worse, became incapable to work at all? Our natural defence mechanism will push these thoughts far away, yet it is a fact that out of all listed cases in 2010, 38% of women and 32% of men were unable to continue work due to pyschological illnesses and the numbers are decreasing. With modern technology advancing, communications not only control our way to work but also have an impact on our spare time in which we are supposed to "switch off". Life has become a lot quicker and the price we are having to pay is an increase of stress factors, consequently "burn out syndrome" is sadly known to everyone nowadays.

But what is Disability-Insurance?

Disability Insurance provides supplementary income in the event the insured person, as a consequence of illness or accident, has been medically diagnosed to be unfit to carry out their last qualified profession, or similar occupations, to at least 50% and for a minimum of six months. The financial benefits will help ensure that the individual can maintain their standard of living and continue to pay their regular expenses without having to vehemently lower their sights.