Legal Insurance

Private-, Job- Traffic-, Landlord- and Tenants protection

Benefits covered by Legal Insurance

Common legal protection plans cover the costs up to the general insured sum. Latter depends on the plan chosen and varies from as low as 100,000€ through to no limitation.
Insurable legal expenses are those of:

  • Court, incl.
    • Appraiser's honoraria
    • Interpreter/ translator
    • Witness
  • Lawyer
  • Mediation proceedings
  • Opposing party costs, insofar that the insured-person must bear them

Legal Protection Modules

Private Legal Insurance

Job Legal Protection

In Germany the job-related legal module can only be purchased alongside private legal insurance and covers the following two aspects of our working lives.

External affairs:
The so-called 'Professional Rights Legal Protection' component (German: Berufsrechtsschutz) is the corner stone of job legal insurance and is often used for scenarios such as:

  • Disputes with the statutory pension insurance institute
  • Disputes with the Job Centre, e.g. because of miscalculated benefits


Internal affairs:
Disagreements between the employee and employer in conjunction with contractual agreements. This component is the called 'Labour Law Legal Protection' (German: Arbeitsrechtsschutz) and is a subcomponent of the 'Professional Rights Legal Protection' module.
Some of the scenarios it covers:

  • Unjustified warning notices or a termination of employment
  • Transfers to a different position with less pay
  • Wage-, holiday- or overtime issues
  • Maternity leave & parental leave matters

Professional Rights Legal insurance is what we often see companies offer, promoting cheap rates, yet tend to “forget” to mention that Labour Law Legal protection is not included and if, with curtailments that can only be spotted by reading the small print.

Traffic Legal Insurance

In the policyholder‘s capacity as the owner or operator of any motor vehicle or trailer registered to him/her or provided with an insurance plate in his/her name when the policy is taken out or during the term of the policy and as the hirer of any motor vehicle and trailer rented by him/her as a self-drive rental vehicle for temporary use. The insurance cover extends to all persons in their capacity as authorised drivers of or authorised passengers in these motor vehicles.

Coverage includes the following.

  • Administrative legal protection in traffic matters
  • Compensatory damages
  • Contract and property law
  • Criminal legal protection
  • Disciplinary and professional ethics
  • Regulatory offence
  • Social-security-tribunal
  • Tax matters before courts

Extra Services & Benefits

  • Legal counselling per telephone
    Nowadays all good value-for-money plans included cost-free telephone legal consultations with attorneys who advise customers on legal matters and even on cases before they exist. This additional service legal insurers promote using many names - JuraTel, Jurcall, JuraFon, etc. - and it is an excellent tool for the customer to avoid having to spend the agreed excess per claim or pay the initial lawyer's consultation fee when seeing them face to face. Should you not know, an initial fee starts at 190€ for private and 360€ for commercial matters!

    However, as good as this may sound one must pay attention to detail because insurers will draw consequences of the expenses a client generates from using such a service, meaning costs are cross-linked to polices in the background. Thus, to avoid nasty surprises such as legal cover being cancelled after a claim has been settled (or not) or the policy simply not being renewed, it is ever so more important to understand how the legal insurer has implemented their telephone legal consultation service. To keep it simple: Better insurers do not use external lawyers and knowing that these provide a minimum of 40,000 telephone consultations per year, the importance of in-house legal support becomes even more logical.

Be on the safe side!

Whether the right insurance product has been purchased the customer will only ever know when having to file a claim. As with any insurance product, foremost 'quality' must predominate 'price' and therefore having a trustworthy broker to find a perfect balance is incontestable the smartest approach. Yet we agree, checking can never harm and doing so by using "Franke & Bornberg" ratings will put your mind at rest to have purchased the right insurance, or initiate a cancellation procedure with our help, if required.

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