German statutory health premiums on the raise again!

As already announced by the German Federal Gazette late October 2020 and now confirmed, in average the statutory health providers will increase their Additional Fee from 1.1% to 1.3%.

In money-terms this means that a person without children, paying up to the maximum "Income Threshold for Contributions" (German: Beitragsbemessungsgrenze), set at 58,050€ per year for 2021, will need to contribute a colossal 928.80€ per month towards the German "public" health system! 769.16€ for health- and 159.64€ for long-term care insurance.

Below we have listed the "Additional Fees" of 35 nationwide and regional statutory health providers, highlighting the ones in green that have decreased, and those in red that have increased their fees.

Name of providerAdditional
Fee 2021
to 2020
AOK Baden-Württemberg*1.10%↑ 0,20%
AOK Bayern*1.10%0.00%
AOK Nordost*1.50%↑ 0.60%
AOK Rheinland / Hamburg*1.10%0.00%
AOK Rheinland-Pfalz / Saarland*0.90%0.00%
AOK Sachsen-Anhalt*0.60%↑ 0.60%
BARMER1.50%↑ 0.40%
Bertelsmann BKK1.25%0.00%
BKK DürkoppAdler*1.20%0.00%
BKK Euregio*0.35%0.00%
BKK Gildemeister Seidensticker1.20%0.00%
BKK Herkules*1,70% ↓ 0.50%
BKK HMR*1.35%0.00%
BKK Pfalz1.40%0.00%
BKK Public*1.10%0.00%
BKK SBH*0.70%0.00%
BKK ZF & Partner*1.80%↑ 0.30%
DAK-Gesundheit1.50%↑ 0.40%
Debeka BKK0.90%↑ 0.20%
Die Continentale BKK1.30%0.00%
Die Bergische1.40%↑ 0.12%
HEK1.30%↑ 0.30%
IKK classic1.30%↑ 0.30%
IKK gesund plus1.10%↑ 0.60%
KKH - Kaufmännische Krankenkasse1.50%0.00%
Knappschaft1.60%↑ 0.50%
Novitas BKK1.54%0.00%
pronova BKK1.50%0.00%
Salus BKK1.45%0.00%
SKD BKK1.70%0.00%
TK - Techniker Krankenkasse1.20%↑ 0.50%
TUI BKK1.25%0.00%
WMF BKK1.60%0.00%
* regional provider





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